Sales Information

The sales on this page will be updated monthly.  The sales for the previous month should show by the middle of the following month.

The following spreadsheets have multiple columns.  The column headings are as follows:

  • Muni - For municipality.  All municipalities are represented by their first 3 letters and their Swis Code.

Educational Resources

Check out the following resources for additional information on Mental Health.

How to Support and Help Someone with Depression Read more

Information Assistance

Growing older can raise questions for which we do not have ready answers. The Department can assist seniors in answering these questions as well as providing guidance to other community resources. The Department maintains a complete, up-to-date listing of the services, programs, and agencies available in Cattaraugus County and the region.

Get location and contact information for the Department of Aging or one of our Outreach Offices.

Data Purchases

Paper Maps:

  • Tax Map 30x42  = $6.00
  • Tax Map 11x17  = $2.00
  • Tax Map 8.5x11 = $1.00
  • GIS Map 30x42  = $12.00
  • GIS Map 17x22  = $7.00
  • GIS Map 11x17  = $5.00
  • GIS Map 8.5x11 = $3.00
  • County Street Map = $2.00
  • Village Street Map  = $2.00

August 2009 Flood Information

This page will be updated frequently with information related to the August 9-10, 2009 Flash Flooding in Cattaraugus County. Download the Handbook Read more

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