Municipal Support Services

Cattaraugus County has 32 towns, 13 villages and two cities.  Many of these municipalities lack professional planning expertise to address issues such as economic development, zoning and land use, transportation, agricultural support, and community revitalization.  County planning staff provides technical assistance to municipalities, assisting their elected officials, planning and zoning boards, and municipal staff with planning-related issues.

Some of the issues we assist municipalities with are:

Planning Services for Cattaraugus County

The Cattaraugus County Planning Division provides a number of services to the communities, residents and businesses of the County.  Our goal is to provide these services in a timely and high-quality fashion in order to enhance the County's quality of life and economic well-being.

Elements of a Countywide Vision - Guidebook Volume 1

Volume 1: A Planning Guidebook for Cattaraugus County – Elements of A Countywide Vision (Smart Development for Quality Communities Series, Cattaraugus County, New York, June 2001).

Quality Communities Guidebook - Volume 1 Cover

The Saratoga Associates and Cattaraugus County collaborated in the preparation of this comprehensive planning guidebook, which presents a new vision for Cattaraugus County in the 21st

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