Preventive / Reproductive Services Contacts

Preventive / Reproductive Services- Contacts

Susan Andrews, RN, MS, FNP, Patient Services Director

1 Leo Moss Dr., Olean, NY    14760

General Inquiries - (716)-373-8050 

Gloria Artlip Keyboard Specialist (716) 701-3438 GArtlip [at] cattco [dot] org

Bat Rabies

Rabies virus infection in bats was first recognized in the US in 1953, and the first rabid bat was identified in New York State in 1956. Since then, the disease has been identified in each of New York's nine species of insectivorous bats and is widely distributed geographically within the state.
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Rabies Awareness

Animal rabies continues to be a serious public health problem in New York State. With the increased contact between wildlife and humans and their pets, the Cattaraugus County Health Department reminds all county residents that it is prepared to help anyone who may have been exposed to rabies, or who has questions about the disease. Read more

Where can I get more information on Rabies, Lyme Disease and the Bird Flu?


Rabies Awareness,

Rabies Clinics

Lyme Disease

Be Tick Free Guide

Bird Flu

Question: "Is it safe to feed backyard birds?"

Answer: The severe bird flu called H5N1 avian
influenza has not been found anywhere in the
United States. Even if bird flu does come to the U.S.,
it’s important to know that bird flu is hard for people to
catch. Read more

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