Signs, signs everywhere a sign

News from Public Works posted on Thu, 06/14/2012 - 4:01pm
Cattaraugus County Sign Maintainers and Technicians

Sign Maintainers Sam Grey and Jim Frentz, Sign Technician Mark Loveless, and Sr. Traffic Sign Maintainer Bob Learn, work together to protect public health and safety.

Protecting people everywhere they travel

“Signs, signs everywhere a sign…” These famous words, written by Les Emmerson for the Canadian rock band Five Man Electrical Band, were popularized in the early 1970’s during a time of social and political changes. Although these lyrics express frustration over a series of signs, today’s signs have a very important reason for their existence…to protect public health and safety.<--break->

Public Works

Public Works was created in 1985 by the Cattaraugus County Legislature to consolidate the operations of the Highway, Refuse, and Buildings and Grounds divisions, along with the Onoville Marina. The Commissioner of Public Works assumed the administrative supervision of these units of County government.

The lion's share of the financial and human resources in the Public Works Department is devoted to the maintenance of the 398 miles of road, 267 bridges, 274 culverts and 1,530 drainage structures under County jurisdiction. Read more

Where can I get a Road Map?

Cattaraugus County Real Property and GIS produce the Cattaraugus County Road Map and various municipal road maps. The standard Cattaraugus County road map is 36"x36" . Cattaraugus County Road Maps are available at:

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