This is a directory of some of the staff in departments that may work on information for the website. For contact information by department please click Departments.

Administrator's Office

Name Title Phone Number
Jack Searles County Administrator 716-938-2577
Lori Pangborn Secretary to County Administrator 716-938-2232

Attorney's Office

Name Title Phone Number
Ann Giglio
Jeanne Matteson

Economic Development

Name Title Phone Number
Crystal Abers Director 716-938-2310
Deborah Miller Accountant 716-938-2318
Kate O'Stricker Development Specialist 716-938-2320
Paul Bishop Senior Planner 716-938-2369
Patrick McGlew Development Specialist 716-938-2387
Jacquie Gardner Tourism Assistant 716-938-2242
Sam Hayes Tourism Assistant 716-938-2307
Christine M Urf Procurement Technical Assistance Center 716-938-2331
Craig Gardner Development Specialist 716-938-2311
Tiffany Chiarilli Keyboard Specialist 716-938-2312
Jeremy Knab Web Technician 716-938-2305


Name Title Phone Number
Kathleen Ellis Administrative Officer 716-938-3381
Environmental Health
Debra Nichols
Chris Covert Environmental Health 716-701-3391
Susan A Andrews Director of Patient Services 716-701-3438

Human Resources

Name Title Phone Number
Julie J. Carr Personnel Officer 716-938-2241
Kristine Phinney Deputy Personnel Officer 716-938-2339
Mallory Short Senior Human Resource Specialist 716-938-2315
Lisa Opperman Personnel Assistant 716-938-2281
Annette Fox Account Clerk Typist 716-938-2317
Greg Sten Safety Engineer 716-938-2284
Cecilia Chouinard Insurance and Workers Compensation Analyst 716-938-2285
Trisha Priest Employee Benefits Assistant 716-938-2285
Judith Braden Personnel & Safety Trainer 716-938-2356

Office of Emergency Services

Name Title Phone Number
Robert Kuhn County EMS Coordinator 716-938-2244
Catherine Gross Assistant to the Director 716-938-2213

Public Works

Name Title Phone Number
Linda McAndrew

Risk Management

Name Title Phone Number
Greg Sten Safety Engineer 716-938-2284

Treasurer's Office

Name Title Phone Number
Robyn Beardsley Property Tax Clerk 716-938-2271
Colette Webster Junior Accountant 716-938-2269
Jane Chew Junior Accountant 716-938-2269