Cattaraugus County Posted Structures 2016 Map


To Whom It May Concern:


This letter is part of Cattaraugus County’s 2016 Annual Special Hauling Permit.  It consists of the written descriptions, locations and restrictions of the structures identified on the accompanying map for these permits.  Please note that many of these structures are located on town roads and these restrictions shall be part of town permits.


The following bridges are properly load posted in accordance with their condition rating.  They are properly signed at their respective locations and these postings shall be observed:



Ashford 02                  White Street over Buttermilk Creek                           5 tons

Ashford 37                  CR12 (Mill St.) over Cattaraugus Creek                    16 tons

Cold Spring 21            Hotchkiss Hollow over Hotchkiss Run                         3 tons

Conewango 12            Walker Road over Elm Creek                                    10 tons

East Otto 37               Hammond Hill Rd.over Cattaraugus Cr.                     15 tons

Ellicottville 50             Kruse Rd. over Beaver Meadows Creek                     15 tons

Farmersville 25           BlueSt.over Elton Creek                                          18 tons

Franklinville 07            Pierce Hill Roadover Ischua Creek                           15 tons

Freedom 08                Depot St. over Clear Creek                                     15 tons

Freedom 36                Witt Roadover Tributary of Clear Creek                    18 tons

Hinsdale 62                 CR26 (Gile Hollow Rd.) over Ischua Creek               12 tons

Ischua 29                   Baxter Mill Rd.over Ischua Creek                            12 tons

Leon 40                      Dredge Rd over Conewango Creek                         15 tons

Leon 45                      Dugway Road over Mud Creek                               Closed

Machias 23                 Sisson Roadover Ischua Creek                               15 tons

Mansfield 15               CR15 over Dublin Creek                                        20 tons

Mansfield 50               Hinman Hollow over Mansfield Creek                      15 tons

NewAlbion 15             Tug Hill Road over Conewango Creek                      Closed

Olean29                     Hastings RoadoverNorfolkSouthern & BP RR            Closed

Otto 3                        CR12 (Otto-East Otto Rd.) overS. Br.Catt. Cr.         22 tons

Red House 02             Sunfish Road over Sunfish Run                              18 tons


These structures do not meet the NYSDOT criteria necessary to allow loads in excess of those described by Section 385 of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law.  These structures do not have signage erected at their site locations.  Vehicles with loadings (Divisible Load or “R” Permits) other than those described in Section 385 of NYS V & T Law, shall not cross these structures:


Allegany 66                Chapin Cross Rd.over Five Mile Creek                      

Ashford 19                  Rock SpringsRd. over Trib. of Connoisarauley Cr. 

Ashford 62                  CR85 (Rock Springs Rd.-Dirt) over Trib. of Connoisarauley Cr.

Conewango 33             Pope Road over Elm Creek

East Otto27                 HammondHill Rd.over Connoisarauley Creek

Farmersville 05            CR21 (Laidlaw Rd.) overEltonCreek

Franklinville 19            CR24 over Tributary of Gates Creek

Freedom 19                Bray Road over Clear Creek

Freedom 27                Eagle St. over Clear Creek

Hinsdale 08                WillowRoad over Haskell Creek

Leon 35                     Xura Smith Rd. over Conewango Creek

New Albion 35             Tannery Rd. over Trib. ofS. Br.Cattaraugus Cr.

NewAlbion46               CR05 (Mosher Hollow) over Little Valley Creek

NewAlbion47               CR05 (Mosher Hollow) over Little Valley Creek

Otto 04                      CR12 (Otto-East Otto Rd.) overS. Br.Cattaraugus Cr.

Otto 07                      ScottCorners Rd.over Mansfield Creek



Questions regarding any provisions of this permit shall be directed to my attention.






                                                            Brent Martin

                                                            Permit Administrator

                                                            (716) 938-9121, ext. 2437



Department: Highway Division

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