Rural, Industrious and Strategically Located

Cattaraugus County is within a day's driving distance of 110 Million People, encompassing one of the largest and wealthiest markets in the United States, 50 Fortune 100 companies, and 62% of all manufacturing in the United States and Canada.

Sources: Southern Tier West Regional Planning & Development Board, and the New York State Department of Economic Development

An exhaustive road network, national and local airports, and rail availability simplify linking to the cities of the Northeast. Interstate highways connect all major cities with the Southern Tier West Region. Cattaraugus County features I-86 (east-west), as well as State Route 16 and US highways 62 and 219 (north-south).

Cattaraugus County is centrally located in the northeastern United States (about an hour south of Buffalo, NY; and hour-and-a-half south of the Canadian Border, and three hours from Toronto, Canada; Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), and is poised to offer some very unique business opportunities.

Selected Cities Surrounding Cattaraugus County

Buffalo, NY40 miles292,648
Cleveland, OH132 miles478,403
Corning, NY79 miles10,842
Erie, PA62 miles103,717
Fort Erie, Ontario---------27,000**
Jamestown, NY9 miles31,730
New York City, NY440 miles8,008,278
Niagara Falls, Ontario55 miles77,000**
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario70 miles13,000**
Pittsburgh, PA154 miles334,563
Rochester, NY54 miles219,773
St. Catherines, Ontario---------131,000**
Scranton, PA173 miles76,415
Syracuse, NY130 miles147,306
Toronto, Ontario119 miles597,126
Washington, DC334 miles572,059
Williamsport, PA141 miles30,706
Youngstown, OH175 miles82,026

Sources: *2000 US Bureau of Census & **Business First (8/7/2000)

Marketing Accessibility

The following list shows what is located within a one day or less driving radius from the center of the Cattaraugus County:

  • 110 million people
  • 650+ incorporated cities in the United States alone
  • 6 cities with a population over 1 million
  • 62 cities with a population over 100,000
  • 50 Fortune 100 Companies
  • Ports of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, and others
  • Major United States cities of Detroit, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Washington
  • Major Canadian cities of Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa
  • About 40% of United States residents
  • 3 of the 10 largest cities in the United States, including the largest overall city
  • The 2 largest Canadian cities, and 3 of the top 4 largest Canadian cities
  • 20 States and the District of Columbia
  • 2 Provinces
  • 18 State Capitals
  • 1 Provincial Capital
  • 2 National Capitals (United States and Canada)

Regional Amenities

Many amenities can be found in or within an hour's drive of Cattaraugus County:

  • Educational, recreational and social facilities of all types
  • Theater, concerts, opera, museums, and many other cultural activities
  • Professional sports can be found in the Buffalo and Rochester areas
  • Teams represent:

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