2016 Fall Property Tax Auction

Please note that this event has expired!
Sat, 10/29/2016 - 9:00am - 2:00pm

Parcels will be sold on-site at each location. 

See our general Terms and Conditions.  NO Bidder number required for Fall Auction

NO credit card payments on location for Fall Auctions.  Must be Cash, Cashier's Check or Money Order.

Click on links for more info on sale flyer.

Auctions will be On Site at each parcel

Parcels in the 2016 Fall Property Tax Auction
Sale Time Town Address Street TM# Links
9:00 AM Cattaraugus 35 Main St N 35.081-1-13
9:35 Otto 8188 Hill Rd S 36.009-2-37
9:35 Otto 9116 Otto-E Otto Rd 36.009-2-20


Minimum bid $25,000

12333 Mackinaw Rd 7.002-1-23.1
11:20 Randolph 9 Borden St 70.063-3-11
12:15 Carrollton 179 Hillside Dr 110.001-2-6
12:55 Olean 307 Gilmore Ave 94.058-5-27
1:30 Hinsdale 3373 Union Valley Rd 85.002-1-16


p23-94.058-5-27.pdf141.35 KB
p87-110.001-2-6.pdf145.96 KB
p204-85.002-1-16.pdf163.98 KB
p285-35.081-1-13.pdf139.88 KB
p315-36.009-2-37.pdf137.89 KB
p324-36.009-2-20.pdf318.91 KB
p326b-7.002-1-23.1.pdf121.59 KB
p374-70.063-3-11.pdf124.7 KB