Can I change the mailing address, or the name on my property?

Thank you for giving attention to keeping your records updated!


The Treasurer's Office can make ADDRESS CORRECTIONS on delinquent tax records, and request the assessor to update address changes on the upcoming tax roll.  To do that, you must be an owner of the property,  fill out this form and sign it.  Then return it to the Treasurer's Office at the address found at the bottom of the form.


In regard to a change of name due to marriage, divorce, or a death, the assessor can make updates to names for the assessment/tax roll only.  This does not change/establish legal ownership.  You could use this form for the purpose of updating tax records only, and return with the required documents to the Office of Real Property at the address found on the bottom of the form. 

Owner name, however, is established on the tax roll by the deed that was filed in the County Clerk’s Office. A legal change in owner(s) or legal modification of owner name requires filing a document in the County Clerk’s Office or in Surrogate Court. The Assessor  will then make that change on the assessment records, which affect tax rolls.


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