How can I use a credit card to pay my taxes?

You may pay DELINQUENT taxes (not current),  to the Treasurer's Office:

  1. in person

  2. over the phone

  3. online. 


In person:

We accept VISA (debit or credit),  MASTERCARD (debit or credit),  or DISCOVER (CREDIT ONLY)   The bank charges a convenience fee of 2.5% for credit transactions, or a flat fee of $3 for debit transactions using your PIN.  There is NO DEBIT transaction available for DISCOVER CARDS IN OFFICE.

Over the Phone:

ONLY CREDIT transactions are available using the above cards.  Call the Treasurer’s Office  716-938-9111.


Go to our secure site for more information and to pay online.  If this site does not come up properly for you in Internet Explorer, please use Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser to access it, or watch this video to learn how to change your settings in IE.



These limits are set by your bank and are a protection to you and your own bank account, but may prevent the transaction, so please contact your bank prior to your 'in person' or 'over phone' payment to ensure the successful completion of the transaction. 

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