How do I get a copy of my deed, or tax documents?

WARNING:   Periodically, owners may receive a notice that looks like a bill, but does not originate with the County, nor any Government Agency.  The notice/bill may offer to send you a copy of your deed, and/or a report with property information.  Their fee may be $80 or more. There may even be a due date, or a 'respond by' date.

Some notices even admit:

            "This service is not affiliated with the County in which your deed is filed.  It is not affiliated with any government agency.  This offer serves as a solicitation for services and not to be interpreted as a bill due.  This service is not approved nor endorsed by any governmental agency.  You are under no obligation to pay the amount stated unless you want the report."

Your parcel information is a public record.  You are entitled to your tax information by contacting the Treasurer's Office Directly. 

When a deed is filed, the County Clerk's Office automatically sends the original to the buyer or buyer's attorney about 2 weeks after filing the deed.  After that time, if anyone wishes to receive a copy or a certified copy of their deed, they may contact the County Clerk's Office.  Only small copying fees are charged for copies.  Certified copies may be obtained for just a few dollars ($5 as of 6/2016).  You may confirm their current fee by contacting the Clerk's Office.   There is no benefit to paying more than that for these copies. 

If an owner buys back their real property after a County Foreclosure, the County will file the deed in the County Clerk's Office automatically, and then afterward, mail the original to the prior owner/buyer about 2 weeks later.   We have no added fees beyond our regular buyback fees (which are already part of the buyback payment)  in order to send to you the original deed. 

You do not need a 'third party facilitator' to receive your deed.

If you receive any notice/bills that don't come directly from the County Treasurer's Office, or the County Clerk's Office, please consider the offer carefully before paying money for something you could get locally for a lot less money.

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