Where do I pay my taxes

On the front of your tax bill, you will find your local collector's address to pay by mail, and if applicable where to pay in person.   Click on this link if you need a copy of your original bill.

There is also a payment schedule. If the taxes are not paid by the last deadline, the tax lien is returned to the County for collection.

On the back of your bill, you will find the address for sending your payments after March 31 for town & county,  and after October 31 for schools & villages and the City of Olean, which address is: Treasurer's Office, 303 Court St, Little Valley, NY 14755   or   1 Leo Moss Dr, Olean NY 14760  (in case you don't have the original  bill),    When a tax bill is not paid on time, there will be additional interest and penalties added to the original amount.  Please verify the amount owed by calling the Treasurer's Office, as wrong amounts may be returned to you thereby delaying the posting of a payment.

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