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5 members of the Labor Relations Committee.

This committee shall have charge of all matters relating to the following department:

  • Human Resources.

In addition, the committee shall have the following responsibilities:

  • All employee classifications, salary changes, and employment practices.
  • Vacancies shall be filled in accordance with Act 68-2003, as amended.
  • Shall review personnel issues after those issues have been reviewed by the respective program committees.
  • Shall have charge of matters that influence the general labor relations and employment policies of the County.

Upon delegation by the Chair, this committee shall consider fiscal and other matters dealing with collective bargaining and employee relations.

This committee's members, plus the Chair of the County Legislature, are the Employer representatives to the Labor-Management Committees referred to in the collective bargaining agreements.

Committee Members:

  • Schröder - Chair
  • Marsh - Vice Chair
  • Brisky
  • Helmich
  • Stoltenberg