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Before you continue to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) we ask that you review the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Fact Sheet.

The following are frequently asked questions about COVID-19 to the Cattaraugus County Health Department.

Am I wearing a face covering correctly?

See Masks & Face Coverings Guidance on NYS Dept. of Health

Why have a process to get tested?

Due to the limited tests available at this time, we are requiring a process to get tested.

How does one go about getting tested?

Please complete the COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing Registration

Please call your provider and have them fax a script to the Health Department requesting a test based on your symptoms and travel/exposure history.

Where can one be tested for coronavirus?

Some health providers and the Catt. County Health Department.

What water temperature kills the virus? Isn’t hand washing temperature 100 Fahrenheit?

It is not just hot water but the mechanical action of hand scrubbing together with the chemical action of the soap that helps remove the virus from the hands.

What is the County's plan for testing everyone?

As soon as we get testing supplies from the State, an announcement to this effect with details will be shared with Catt. County residents.

Where do people live who have been tested?

In all 4 quadrants of the county at this time.

How many test kits are available?

As of March 27, 2020, under 100 in the county.

What is the County's statement on the corona virus?

Please read the Cattaraugus County State of Emergency declaration in response to COVID-19.

What are the types of quarantines?

Please see the Quarantines section on the NYS Dept. of Health website.

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