Certified Home Health Agency

  • Provides comprehensive, individualized health care in the comfort of your own home. Helps you return to independence.

  • Services may be covered by your health insurance if you are confined to your home.

  • Staff are available 7 days a week, 365 days per year. On- call services are available 24 hr/day.

  • Services must be ordered by a physician and may include:

    • Nursing - Registered Nurses (RNs) assess & monitor your medical condition for changes, teach you and or your caregiver about your condition & medications, provide skilled care such as IVs, wound, catheters & ostomies.

    • Physical Therapy - assists you to recover or maintain function such as your ability to walk safely

    • Occupational Therapy - assists you to improve or maintain your ability to perform activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating

    • Speech/Language Therapy - assists you with problems concerning language, communiction or swallowing

    • Social Worker - may provide counseling, referral to community agencies, help with finances

    • Home Health Aides - assist with bathing, dressing, walking, meals

    • Telemonitoring Program - allows RN to monitor your health condition daily through use of technology

How Telemonitoring Works

Genesis Telemonitoring SystemThe Health Department will temporarily install a small monitor in your home, connect it to your phone line and teach you or a family member how to use. Then every day, you can:

  • Check your vital signs: weight, blood pressure, pulse and oxygen saturation level

  • Answer several yes/no questions that ask you how you are feeling

  • Transmit data about your condition to our office automatically, where a nurse reviews it right away.

  • If anything causes concern, the nurse will call you to discuss your care.

Daily monitoring allows us to detect even small changes in health status preventing a new or chronic condition from escalating into something more serious. Monitoring also help you understand how your health behaviors effect your medical condition.

The monitoring system is especially helpful to patients who have heart disease, lung disease, high blood pressure, renal failure, and other diseases where small changes in condition may have large health risks.

The monitor is provided by the Health Department to qualifying patients at no extra charge.

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