Director of Weights & Measures

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Civil Service Job: Yes

Filing Date:

Applications received by mail must be received no later than Friday, June 1, 2018


$23.64 - $26.29 per hour

Information on the Director of Weights & Measures position

The Cattaraugus County Department of Public Works is seeking qualified applicants for a provisional appointment to the position of Director of Weights & Measures.  The work involves testing the accuracy of weighing and measuring equipment. Permanent appointment requires successful completion, and placement, thru the Civil Service examination process. Salary: $23.64 - $26.29 per hour. 

Minimum Qualifications: Either:

A. Satisfactory completion of 24 semester credit hours in the physical sciences*, engineering sciences, electronics sciences**, mechanical technology and/or mathematics*** from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees; or

B. Two (2) years full time experience where the primary functions/responsibilities include any one  of the following:

  1. Enforcing weights and measures laws and regulations and inspecting and testing of devices and packaged commodities;
  2. Inspecting, testing and repairing commercial and/or industrial weighing and/or measuring devices per manufacturer’s specifications and tolerances;
  3. Inspecting and testing both quality and quantity of packaged or manufactured goods usingprecision scales/balances and other precision measuring equipment, performing data reduction, and assessing compliance of the results with appropriate specifications and tolerances;
  4. Conducting chemical or physical analyses using precision scales/balances and other precision measuring equipment, performing data reduction, and assessing compliance of results with the appropriate specifications and tolerances; or

C.  An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B). 

*Physical sciences include chemistry (inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry), earth science (meteorology, astronomy, geology) and physics. 

**Electronics sciences do not include course work in electricity; electricity is a science that deals with the laws of electricity, while electronics is a branch of physics that deals with the emission, behavior, and effects of electrons (in tubes and transistors) and with electronic devices. 

***Mathematics includes course work in accounting, economics, etc., provided primary focus of the course is manipulation of numbers. 

NOTE: Verifiable part-time experience may be pro-rated toward meeting full-time experience requirements on the following basis: 8-15 hours per week is ¼ time; 16-23 hours per week is ½ time; 24-31 hours per week is ¾ time; 32+ hours per week is full-time.  

*NOTE: The minimum qualifications for this position are mandated under Section 179 (17) of New York State Agriculture and Markets Law. 

SPECIAL REQUIREMENT FOR APPOINTMENT AND CONTINUED EMPLOYMENT: Appointees will be required to possess a valid New York State Motor Vehicle Operator’s License.


Applications may be obtained by accessing the County website at:


Interested candidates must submit a completed application along with a cover letter expressing interest prior to June 1, 2018 to: 

Cattaraugus County Human Resources

303 Court Street
Little Valley, New York 14755


Cattaraugus County/An Equal Opportunity Employer

Complete Job Description & Qualifications

Download the following file for the complete job description and qualifications for the Director of Weights & Measures position.


Applications for Director of Weights & Measures will be accepted up to Friday, June 1, 2018, and may be obtained by downloading from the following links.

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