Interactive Viewers scheduled update on December 04, 2006

News from Real Property and GIS, Posted on Fri, 12/01/2006 - 3:00am

The Parcel Viewer (and all other interactive viewers) will be undergoing an extensive update next week. At this time we will also be updating the server that houses the interactive viewers. This means that the viewer will be down on Monday, December 4th, starting around 8am. It could be back up as soon as Monday night, or it could be down for a couple days or the whole week. We can't predict what problems we may run into during this update.

Rest assured that the update will bring improvements to the viewer. A few of these are:

  • Increased performance including faster map display
  • Better map navigation including keyboard shortcuts, using the mouse scroll wheel, and seamless map panning and zooming
  • Improved map feature searching and new tools such as MapTips
  • Brings us one step closer to having parcel lines updated on a daily basis

Thank you,

Daniel T. Martonis GIS Coordinator
Cattaraugus County
303 Court St Little Valley, NY 14755
Email: dtmartonis [at] cattco [dot] org

News from Real Property and GIS

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