NY State launches website and hotline to explain new gun control laws, NY SAFE Act

News from Sheriff's Office, Posted on Tue, 01/22/2013 - 12:16pm

New York State launched a new website with information about the new state gun law signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo last week. A new phone hotline was also launched Monday to answer questions about the law.

The law is called "New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013," or as the NY SAFE Act.

The NY SAFE ACT website includes a list of frequently asked questions that have been compiled and answered by experts on this new law.

The list of frequently questions lists includes what is and is not considered an assault weapon. This includes photos of weapons, banned features, a list of some of the banned weapons, and those firearms that are not considered assault weapons. There are also list of frequently questions about magazines, antique guns and magazines, safe storage, dealers, and crimes.

The website lists the weapons that must be registered - officials say for free - under the law starting April 15. Designated assault weapons must be registered within a year after that or owners face a misdemeanor charge.

Beginning Monday, January 21, a new hotline will be staffed by State Police during normal business hours Monday through Friday. The number is 1-855-LAW-GUNS or 1-855-529-4867.

The key provisions of the NY SAFE Act include: mental health alert,  tougher assault weapons ban, stronger regulations on ammunition, statewide recertification of handguns and assault weapons, universal background checks closing the private sales loophole, felony crime for murder of a first responder, extending and strengthening Kendra’s Law for mentally ill inmate outpatient treatment, protecting families, safe storage of firearms, no guns on school grounds or on school buses, and tougher penalties for illegal gun use.

New York State, according to the website, is the first state to ban all pre-1994 high capacity magazines, ban magazines holding over 7 rounds, and conduct real time background checks on those buying ammunition.


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