Community Health Survey

News from Health, Posted on Mon, 04/15/2013 - 8:21pm

Let Your Voice be Heard!

How many times have we commented, complained, or whined about something that impacts us or a family member or friend? Perhaps we have said "I wish they would...", or "I wish there could be...", or "How come we can't get help with...?" The Cattaraugus County Health Department would like to give you the opportunity, between now and June 21st to Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Every four years, the New York State Department of Health requires that local health departments work in collaboration with hospitals, medical providers, agencies, organizations, schools and consumers, to perform Community Health Assessments in addition to mandated data gathering. These assessments are anonymous and give all county residents the opportunity to comment specifically about Community Needs and Personal Concerns, as well as give residents the opportunity to offer suggestions to these needs and concerns.

The Cattaraugus County Health Department and its medical partners are required to also develop a CHIP, or Community Health Improvement Plan for the next four years, with identified goals, objectives, activities and measurable outcomes. This becomes our County's Plan of Action. For those of you asking what areas are covered in the current Assessment, we have categories of Demographics, community and personal challenges or issues, health insurance, medical care, physical activity, what community places are available for activity, food choices and why / where you purchase food, beverage choices, tobacco and alcohol choices, and do you know how to get information on various subjects.

We have kept the language uncomplicated so that any resident, including our youth, can understand, read, and quickly complete. My grandmother always told us as children that we should not whine without offering a solution or without offering to become part of the solution. So here you go Cattaraugus County...we offer you the chance, we challenge you, to Let Your Voice Be Heard!

There will be Community Health Surveys available to you at many locations throughout the county, as well as on the County web site at .

We can accept surveys in person, by mail, or by email. Please contact me, Debra Nichols, for hard copies or an electronic copy of the survey at either djnichols [at] cattco [dot] org or at 716-701-3383. We are happy to provide those to you and will offer to pick them up at your convenience if you choose not to complete on line.

You have until June 21st to complete AND if you choose to provide your name and a contact phone number, will be entered into a drawing for an iPAD that has been donated to us.

We are anxious to hear from you soon, so let's move toward a healthier Cattaraugus County, and Let Your Voice Be Heard!

A Survey Monkey has also now been established for ease of completion, at