Social Services' May 2015 Employment Report: 19 people employed

News from Social Services, Posted on Wed, 06/10/2015 - 12:49pm

Nineteen people, who were receiving public assistance benefits, are now employed, thanks to the efforts of Cattaraugus County Department of Social Services staff.

Social Services staff report that in May, 19 county residents received training, work experience and a chance to get high school equivalency diplomas when necessary. In keeping with the department’s mission to guide people to self sufficiency, social services staff assisted these county residents to reduce or eliminate their need for public assistance.

Beyond helping out with job search and resume writing, staff also assisted clients with soft skills such as proper work place conduct, punctuality and other areas that impact successful job placement and retention.

Eighteen different employers from all parts of Cattaraugus County partnered with the department to bring the new employees on-board. Twelve of the nineteen individuals found jobs above minimum wage. This resulted in a reduction in benefits paid by the department due to their new earnings.

“We continue to make self-sufficiency a priority,” said Social Services Commissioner Dan Piccioli. “Our staff is very creative in working with people who want to get back to the labor market and work to remove barriers like transportation and education for our clients.”

For more information on the Department of Social Services employment unit, call 716-701-3500.

News from Social Services

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