View Sample Ballots for the 2016 Primary Election

News from Board of Elections, Posted on Fri, 08/19/2016 - 1:21pm
Primary Election Sample Ballots

Primary Election Sample Ballots

Voters can view and read the ballot for their election district before heading to the polls on September 13, 2016 for the Primary Election.

Polls are open from Noon til 9 p.m.

Only voters registered in the political parties having a primary in their districts are eligible to vote.

  • Conservative Party members countywide
  • Reform Party members countywide
  • Democratic Party voters in City of Salamanca
  • Republican Party members in East Otto and the City of Salamanca
  • Independence Party members in Olean Ward 5

Sample Ballots

To see the ballot in your town/district/ward click the appropriate link below.

Conservative Countywide Sample Ballot136.92 KB
Reform Countywide Sample Ballot134.86 KB
East Otto Republican Sample Ballot139.9 KB
Olean Ward 5 Independent Sample Ballot137.76 KB
Salamanca Ward 1 Democrat Sample Ballot169.68 KB
Salamanca Ward 1 Republican Sample Ballot139.41 KB
Salamanca Ward 2 Democrat Sample Ballot151.47 KB
Salamanca Ward 2 Republican Sample Ballot150.13 KB
Salamanca Ward 3 Democrat Sample Ballot139.8 KB
Salamanca Ward 3 Republican Sample Ballot139.53 KB
Salamanca Ward 4 Democrat Sample Ballot149.54 KB
Salamanca Ward 4 Republican Sample Ballot148.64 KB
Salamanca Ward 5 Democrat Sample Ballot137.62 KB
Salamanca Ward 5 Republican Sample Ballot137.6 KB

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