Delinquent School, Village, and City of Olean Taxes

News from Treasurer's Office, Posted on Tue, 11/29/2016 - 10:36am

Any unpaid School, Village, or City of Olean taxes were returned to the County.  We are currently relevying those delinquent taxes and cannot take any further payment for those unpaid taxes.  The deadline for payment before relevy was November 15.   They will be relevied onto the County/Town tax bill for 2017.  Any amount relevied will be payable all together with that County/Town bill and can no longer be payable separately.  Please see the deadlines (to pay your local collector) on the front of your tax bill, the 'return to County' dates on the back of your tax bill for specific information, and also the online 'Taxpayers Guide' on the Treasurer's page for a general explanation of the tax bill process.