2017 County/Town Taxes

News from Treasurer's Office, Posted on Thu, 12/22/2016 - 12:48pm

Property owners should have received their 2017 County/Town tax bills.  If you have not received it by January 15th, you can reprint one from our webpage here.  (these files will be available after Jan 1) Please review your bill if you have to retrieve it from our web page, to ascertain why you didn't receive it.  If your address isn't correct, please fill out this change of address form and return it as instructed.  It may be helpful to read our FAQ page If you have recently acquired the parcel, the transfer information will automatically catch up to tax rolls within the year.

Your bill contains important deadlines along with contact information. You can pay your bill without interest if paid in January to your local collector.  If you pay in February, you will be required to pay the original amount along with 1% interest.  If you pay in March, you will be required to pay the original amount along with 2% interest and any late notice fee.  Your local collector will send out late notices in March for any unpaid County/Town tax bill at that time, for which the Town may charge up to $2.  This fee is then part of the tax bill and must be paid to your local collector.  If you do not pay the whole amount due for that appropriate date, your local collector must reject and return your underpayment, and your tax will remain unpaid.

If you did not pay your 2016-17 School Tax bill, or your 2016 City or Village Tax bill, then you will see it on your 2017 County/Town tax bill as a separate line item.  A relevied item can no longer be paid separately.  The whole bill must be paid.

If your 2017 County/Town tax bill is not paid by March 31, it will be turned over to the County for collection as a delinquent tax.  There will be added interest and penalty.  This and other important information can be found on the back of your original tax bill.


Reminder:  Cattaraugus County is changing from a 3-year foreclosure schedule to a 2-year schedule.  This means that any unpaid 2015 or 2016 County/Town tax bills owning as of July 1, 2017 will be part of our next foreclosure action.  Payment of all tax years will stop the continuation of that foreclosure process.