County/Town Taxes Reminder

News from Treasurer's Office, Posted on Thu, 03/02/2017 - 1:56pm


Cattaraugus County is changing from a 3-year foreclosure schedule to a 2-year schedule.  This means that any unpaid 2015 or 2016 County/Town tax bills owing as of July 1, 2017 will be part of our next foreclosure action with foreclosure fees being added July 1, 2017.  Payment of all Delinquent tax bills will stop the continuation of that foreclosure process.


Property owners should have received their 2017 County/Town tax bills.  If you have not received it, you can reprint one from our webpage here.   If your parcel is in Olean City, you can find your bill on the City's website.  

If you owe the current 2017 C/T taxes that were billed Jan 1, 2017, you should pay before March 31 to your local collector.

If you owe Delinquent 2016 or 2015 C/T taxes, you may still pay them before the current tax providing you make your full payment to the County by March 31.

As of Apil 1, the current year 2017 C/T taxes will be collected at the County, with a 5% return fee and 3% interest.  If there are more than 1 year of taxes owing to the County as of April 1, the newest tax must be paid first if paying separately.

Notices regarding the Delinquent 2015 and 2016 C/T taxes were mailed from the County Treasurer's office on February 24 with the amount owing calculated to March 31.