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Treasurer's Office

Parcels 203, 207, 209 back on the list, to be sold together with a minimum bid of $100,000. 

The 2018 Property Tax auction is scheduled for June 16, and will be at Catt-LV School, Cattaraugus Campus. 

See the list here.  For general information about the live auctions, including Terms, click here.

Check 2018 auction page for updates, and new Terms and Conditions, and locations to pick up books.

The auction is an 'all-day' event this year.  Two school groups, The Theater Club and Varsity Softball, will be selling food items both for breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast items will consist of baked goods, coffee, water, and juice.  Lunch items planned are hot dogs, hamburgers, pulled pork sandwiches, soft drinks, water etc.  These groups are working hard to provide this service as a fundraiser to help continue their activites.  Any and all support will be appreciated.


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