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Treasurer's Office

Joseph G. Keller, Cattaraugus County Treasurer, reminds taxpayers that unpaid 2019 County/Town Taxes will be returned to the County for collection on April 2.  Local collectors will be able to collect the March amount on April 1 due to the fact that the last day of March falls on a Sunday.  If you intend to pay the current year tax to the local collector by mail, please be sure to get your payment postmarked no later than April 1 (U.S. Postmark only).

If you have delinquent taxes already owing to the County for 2018 or prior, and you would like to pay them before paying the 2019 County/Town tax, you must pay the delinquents to the County Treasurer's Office in person or postmarked no later than April 1 (U.S. Postmark only).  A reverse-order law went into effect in 1994 requiring payments to be accepted and posted, newest tax bill before older tax bills.

Unpaid taxes are charged an interest rate of 1% per month starting in February after the billing cycle begins.  There is a 5% return fee added on April 2 when a current year tax is turned over to the county for collection.  Interest and other penalties continue to be added until the tax bill is paid.

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