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The New York State Health Department has revised their isolation and quarantine guidance on Jan. 13, 2022. This has been done to reflect the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases being tracked across New York State and the increasing availability of over-the- counter COVID-19 test kits.

Cattaraugus County is introducing a remote access option and call center reporting system for those who test positive to download isolation and quarantine orders or to self-report their positive case. If a person has access to the internet, this process can be done either through the Cattaraugus County’s web portal at or through the NYS web portal access at  and If internet access is not available, residents of Cattaraugus County can call the County’s Call Center at 716-938-9119.

After completing the identifying information on the request form, isolation or quarantine orders and letters of release are issued directly to the individual reporting the positive case.

As part of this new statewide effort, Cattaraugus County will not be contact tracing. Individuals testing positive are being asked to contact those with whom they have been in contact with to self-report this exposure.

Increasingly, both New York State and the nation are moving toward wide distribution of over-the-counter test kits. This unprecedented effort is in part contributing to the large increase in numbers associated with reported COVID-19 cases.

Toward this end, the New York State Health Department is taking an increasing role in the distribution of County specific day-to-day data regarding the spread of the virus.  To avoid duplication of efforts and to focus local health department needs elsewhere, the health department will begin to transition from the daily reporting of specific day-to-day data.  This data continues to be reported to the NYS Department of Health. Access to this data can be found at and

Anyone who tests positive for the COVID-19 through a lab, pharmacy, medical office, school testing site or at home test is asked to self-isolate, notify their household contacts and notify their close contacts. Anyone who is notified that they are a close contact should start self-quarantine (unless exempt), monitor for symptoms and seek testing five days after exposure (earlier if symptoms develop).

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