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Please be advised that on or about October 5, 2020 the Yard Waste Compost Facilities located on the closed landfill sites located on Farwell Road in the Town Ischua, aka Farwell Compost Facility and Toad Hollow Road in the Town of Mansfield, aka Five Points Compost Facility, have been secured and are unavailable to the public for use on a temporary basis. The continual dumping of illegal material at both sites rendered it impossible to properly manage the facilities, therefore the following terms and conditions have been modified to accommodate these changes:

Yard Waste will be accepted and collected only at the following transfer stations:

  • Allegany
  • Dayton
  • Portville
  • Salamanca

Yard Waste must meet the following requirements:

  • Limited to 1 cubic yard or equivalent of five (5) thirty (30) gallon bags
  • Must be smaller than 4' in length and 4" in diameter
  • Must be free of dirt, garbage, metal, boards, demolition debris, plastic bags, and other solid waste

Commercial patrons must utilize a site as allowed by 6 NYCRR Part 360

No Stumps or Wood Waste will be accepted and must be denied by station operator

Definitions as per Local Law 1-2019

Stump: The part of a plant or tree remaining attached to the root after the trunk is cut off

Yard Waste: Grass clippings, leave, cuttings from shrubs, hedges and tress that are less than four (4) inches in diameter or less than four (4) feet in length, excluding stumps

Wood Waste: Trees, limbs, and branches equal to or greater than four (4) inches in diameter or four (4) feet in length

Cattaraugus County and NYS DEC encourages a Mulch in Place Program

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