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Treasurer's Office

During this constantly changing situation with COVID-19, in an attempt to prevent spreading of the virus, some towns might modify their business hours for the public, or suspend them altogether. Therefore, before driving to your local collector to pay your current-year taxes, or for any other town clerk business, it would be best to call your local town tax collector’s office to verify they can process your tax payment in person. Mailing your payment might be the preferred option at this time.

You can find your local collector’s phone number on the tax bill, or on the county website at Go to the Department page of the Treasurer’s Office and click on the link on the left for Tax Collectors.

If you have Delinquent taxes to pay to the County, you may pay them online with a credit card by going to the Treasurer’s Office and clicking on the link for Delinquent taxes, which leads to the link for Xpress Pay. There will be a convenience fee charged by the bank. You can mail your payment by check, MO, or cashier’s check, to avoid that fee, and we will honor the postmark, as always.

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