Planning Board

The Planning Division serves as staff to the 13-member County Planning Board, which must act upon referrals from local municipalities sent to the county under Section 239 l and m of New York State General Municipal Law.  The staff makes recommendations to the County Planning Board regarding these referrals.  In addition, staff makes recommendations to the board for State Environmental Quality Reviews (SEQR).

Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Click here to see the Planning Board's agendas and minutes.

The Planning Board meets on the last Thursday of each month, at 7:00 pm at the County Center Building, 303 Court Street, Little Valley, NY, unless otherwise noted on the agenda.  Check here for a list of dates of meetings for 2015 and deadlines for submitting agenda items to the Planning Office.

Annual Report

View the Annual Report for the Cattaraugus County Planning Board.  Their report is incorporated into the Department of Economic Development, Planning & Tourism's Annual Report to the Legislature.

Current Members

Tina J. Abrams, Salamanca
Charles W. Couture, Chairman, Ashford
Florence J. Fuller, Assistant Secretary, Carrollton
Robert C. Keis, Mansfield
Paul D. Mager, Vice Chairman, Little Valley
David L. McCoy, Portville
Andrea Mellon, Ashford
Al Ormond, Little Valley
Kathy Ellis, Commissioner of Public Works
John Sayegh, Allegany
Mark Smith, Dayton
James Valent, Salamanca
Michael Zaprowski, Secretary, Salamanca

Zoning Referrals

The Cattaraugus County Planning Board reviews and makes recommendations on local municipal zoning and land use actions, such as site plans, special use permits, variances, and the adoption or amendment of comprehensive plans or zoning laws.  For more information on the zoning referral process, please visit here.

Brooks Patterson Community Leadership Award

The Brooks Patterson Community Leadership Award is presented annually by the Cattaraugus County Planning Board to one or more community leaders who exemplify the outstanding spirit and example that Torrance Brooks and Donald Patterson set during their lifetime of dedicated service to their respective communities, County Legislature, County Planning Board, and regional agencies.  For more information on the award, including recent award recipients, visit here.


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