Restitution/Fine Collection

Chris Ingalls - Accountant/ Collections Supervisor

Kathy Parker - Collections Clerk  

The Cattaraugus County Probation Department is responsible for the collection of monies from probationers for various reasons. In 1984, theCountyLegislaturedesignated the probation department to be the designated restitution/reparation collection agency inCattaraugusCounty, pursuant to Criminal Procedure Law Section 420.10(7). The probation department also collects fines for the courts it serves, fees for drug testing, and supervision fees. A breakdown of the total collection effort for 2012 follows:





Restitution surcharge


Drug Testing


DWI Supervision fees


Administrative Fees


Other collections


Total collections



Out of these total collections, nearly $90,000.00 has been returned to victims of crime inCattaraugusCountyallowing for some restoration of crime victims. This restitution collection is just one of the many ways that offenders are being held accountable for their actions.


                The Cattaraugus County Probation Department has strict policy and procedures in place to ensure that any monies collected are handled appropriately and credited to the proper victims and accounts.


                The collection efforts of the probation officers are aided by a Collections Clerk located within the office. The probation staff works cooperatively with the NYS Department of Corrections (inmates in prison), the Division of Parole, theCountyAttorney's Office, theCountySheriff's Office and other agencies to pursue collections. 

                In April 2012, the Cattaraugus County Legislature, through Local Law 1-2012, established administrative fees for those persons sentenced to probation, to be effective 1 July 2012. The Probation Department did create a procedure consistent with Local Law 1-2012, which reviews a probationer's financial status and resources when assessing this administrative fee. Through the remainder of 2012, the Probation Department did collect over $18,000.00 in administrative fees which are used to support the cost of operating the Probation Department.


                Total collections during 2012, showed a 3% decrease from 2011, with the greatest decreases occurring in fine collections. In part this decrease was a result of lower fine amounts being ordered and may also be seen  as a reflection of our economic conditions inCattaraugusCounty. These decreases were offset by the new revenue from administrative fees and a substantial increase in drug testing fee collections.


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