Parcel Viewer for Android Devices

There are now two ways to use the Parcel Viewer or any of our other viewers on an Android device!

1. In your mobile browser:

Navigate as you would with a desktop computer through our Real Property website, or type into your address bar at the top of your screen!


 To add an icon directly to the viewer to your home screen and view it in full screen:

Tap the Menu button in the upper left hand corner of your browser.
  Tap on "Add to Home Screen".  This will add a shortcut to one of your devices home screens.
  Name the shortcut whatever you wish and tap "Add".

 Tap on the shortcut on your home screen.


The Parcel Viewer can now be used in full screen mode.

*Locations of features may differ depending on device and browser used.

2. Using the "Explorer for ArcGIS" App:

Using the Android Market on your device, search "Explorer for ArcGIS". The application should be the first result returned, and is free.  Install and open it.
When the app is opened for the first time, this is the view you will see.  Click the "Continue without signing in" button at the bottom of your screen.
Click the close button in the middle of your screen to close the "Welcome to Explorer" window.

 Press close again in the middle of your screen to close the "Browse for Maps" window.


Tap "Find Maps" under the Search header in the middle of your screen.

  Type in "Cattaraugus County" in the search toolbar at the top of the screen.

Tap on "Cattaraugus County Parcel Viewer."


You can now use the Parcel Viewer in Explorer for ArcGIS.

Installed? Great! Check out the user guide for help on how to use the Parcel Viewer for your Android device

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