Snowmobile Unit

The Sheriff's Office has two deputies assigned to the Snowmobile Unit. The deputies operate at various times and for special events. The deputies perform routine patrol of popular snowmobile trails and concentrating on areas where there have been complaints filed regarding violations of various laws and regulations regarding snowmobiles. They work closely with other agencies and the snowmobile clubs located throughout our County to make the trails in our county a safe place for families and tourists. Deputies assigned to the Snowmobile Unit have attended Cold Water Rescue Training and are certified for snowmobile patrol, ice/cold water rescue, and are State ofNew York Snowmobile Safety Education Instructors.

The Snowmobile Unit is partially funded by NYS reimbursement from snowmobile registration fees to help offset the costs to the Sheriff's Office.


Ice/Cold Water Rescue Training #1

Ice/Cold Water Rescue Training #2

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