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August 28, 2013

Missing Persons Toolbox Training

Updated Registration Links

Please use the updated links below to register for this training course.

Incidents of missing persons with autism, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia who tend to wander or become lost are on the rise. One in eighty-eight children are now diagnosed with autism and an alarming new study shows that nearly half of them will wander or elope from a safe environment.  "Elopement is one of the very few problems in autism that is life-threatening," says pediatrician Paul Law, senior author of the study and director of the Interactive Autism Network (IAN) Project, a national autism database headquartered at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore. "It is probably one of the leading, if not the leading, causes of death in children with autism," he says.  In addition, 60% of people with Alzheimer’s disease will wander with studies showing the need to act quickly in these cases because more than 50% will suffer serious injury or death if not located within 24 hours.


Successful resolution of these types of cases requires agencies to pre-plan and develop partnerships with local, county, state and volunteer organizations which can aid with search and rescue operations.  Extensive research has been conducted regarding behavioral patterns and profiles of this vulnerable population which enables agencies to efficiently direct their resources when conducting searches. The NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services - Missing Persons Clearinghouse is pleased to announce a series of Missing Persons Toolbox Training seminars at various locations throughout the state.


This free one day seminar, presented by Missing Persons Clearinghouse staff, focuses on missing person cases which involve both urban and rural searches with an emphasis on people with special needs, such as autism, Alzheimer’s and dementia.  It includes a brief overview on the NYS AMBER Alert, Missing Child Alert, Missing College Student Alert and Missing Vulnerable Adult Alert programs.  The afternoon session provides tools and resources necessary to conduct successful search and rescue operations with presentations conducted by regional representatives of the following agencies: NYS Department Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers, NYS Federation of Search and Rescue and new this year, the New York State Police Aviation will be presenting information about when and how to request air support.   This is a great opportunity for law enforcement agencies to create partnerships and develop or update their protocols for these types of incidents.

Topics include:

  • Identifying specific search method(s) based on special need of victim

  • Understanding the importance of an immediate response

  • Statistical find locations

  • Incident Command System

  • Wilderness searches

  • Utilizing canine resources

  • Urban searches

  • Managing volunteers

  • Project Lifesaver (live demonstration -new)

  • Utilizing air resources - NYSP Aviation (new)



The target audience includes supervisors, first responders, communications personnel and all staff involved in missing persons cases.

Locations for 2013:


Washington County  – September 25


Cattaraugus County – October 16

Rockland County – October 22


St. Lawrence County – November 6

Onondaga County – December 11



 Although we are planning for a large enrollment, seating will be limited.  You must, therefore, receive confirmation of acceptance to attend.   You must use the application to register.  It can be downloaded by clicking here, or by going to the DCJS training calendar and scroll to the date preferred and download it from the website itself.  The calendar is located at: http://calendar.dcjs.state.ny.us/

If you have any questions concerning the training please contact Senior Training Technician Raymond Neves at the address in the letterhead, by email at raymond [dot] neves [at] dcjs [dot] ny [dot] gov  or by telephone at 800-346-3543.



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