Administrator's Office

The duties and responsibilities of the County Administrator are as follows:

Act 269-85 notes that “County Administrator…. should coordinate the daily operations of the County…be directly responsible to the Legislature and perform the functions of a chief administrative officer on behalf of the Legislature, with the Legislature retaining final administrative authority”. Further the same Act specifies the following duties:

  • Purchasing;
  • Auditing;
  • Legislature Clerk;
  • Advisor to the Legislature and develop policy and procedural recommendations for consideration by the Legislature;
  • Undertake administrative and management studies and submit to the Legislature reports and recommendations regarding governmental operations;
  • Maintain liaison and represent the Legislature in contacts with political subdivisions, State and Federal officials and agencies;
  • Make recommendations for appointments by the Legislature for all heads of units of County Government;
  • Have authority to approve/disapprove all purchase orders or other documents by which the County incurs financial obligations, having ascertained before approval that monies have been duly appropriated or provided for and allotted to meet such obligations and will be available when such obligations shall become due and payable;
  • Prescribe the form of financial reports, receipts, vouchers, bill or claims;
  • Be the budget officer for the County and be responsible for the preparation and administration of the budget of the County, as well as develop and recommend a budget program that includes both long-range capital budgeting and annual operating budgets under the direction of the Legislature;
  • Advise Department Heads and Officers as well as to coordinate the activities of County Government to most effectively implement the directives of the Legislature;
  • Have authority to adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of the affairs and business of the office;
  • Have all powers and duties conferred by the law on the Clerk of the County Legislature;
  • Have all powers and duties conferred by law on the County Auditor;
  • Have all powers and duties conferred by law on the County Purchasing Agent;
  • Participate in the conduct of collective bargaining negotiations with organized employee representatives;
  • Authorize transfers up to $1,000 within a departmental budget, except for personnel accounts; all such authorized transfers shall be reported to the Legislature within 30 days after the transfer is made;
  • “Have such powers and perform such other duties as may now of hereinafter be conferred or imposed upon him/her by the Legislature.”;
  • Act 73-86 “delegated authority to make real property tax refunds where the recommended refund is $500 or less to the County Auditor”;
  • Additionally, Act 589-86 “(a) authorize transfers up to $10,000 per year into any budgetary account, with the following exceptions: (1) Departments of Social Services and Public Works, where transfers can be made in excess of $10,000 with the approval of the Chairman of the Finance Committee and County Administrator; (ii) Contingent Fund; (b) authorize transfers without imitation for the purpose of closure of the County’s Financial books for the fiscal year, with the approval of the Chairman of the Finance Committee and the County Administrator; (c) all such authorized transfers in (a) and (b), supra, shall be reported to the Legislature within 30 days after the transfer is made, with the transfer report to include account number, name and purpose of such transfer.”

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Little Valley

303 Court Street, Little Valley, NY 14755

Phone: (716) 938-2577

Fax: (716) 938-2760

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, except holidays.


1 Leo Moss Drive, Suite 0123, Olean, NY 14760

Phone: (716) 373-8030, ext. 3201

Tuesday & Friday, except holidays.

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