Our Tourism office promotes the activities, attractions, eateries, lodgings, points of interest (POIs) and other tourism-related assets of Cattaraugus County, the Enchanted Mountains of Western New York.

Enchanted Mountains

Why promote Cattaraugus County as the Enchanted Mountains?

The name originated in this region of New York many decades ago (possibly by Yum Yum Anderson). If you grew up in the country here, then you'll know of the beautiful views that we may take for granted at times. We know that we don't have the mountains of the Adirondacks or the Rocky Mountains, but we have rolling foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Using the Enchanted Mountains name

We love it when people use the name "Enchanted Mountains". People say we're in the Enchanted Mountains. For your use online, here are some logos and badges for the EM.


Tourism Promotion

We are the tourism promotion agency(TPA) for Cattaraugus County.

We will list qualifying businesses on:

Attraction & Event Promotion

We assist businesses and organizations with promoting their Cattaraugus County destinations and events.  one way we do this is with our of slide show kiosks around the county that show upcoming events to entice visitors to attend.


We distribute our guides and brochures throughout Cattaraugus County and about 300 miles beyond.

Publications & Literature

Cover of 2016 Activities Guide to Cattaraugus County the Enchanted Mountains of Western New York

2016 Activities Guide

Cover of the 2015 Activities Guide to Cattaraugus County, the Enchanted Mountains of Western NY

2015 Activities Guide

Cover of the 2014 Activities Guide to Cattaraugus County, the Enchanted Mountains of Western NY

2014 Activities Guide

Cover of some past Activities Guides to Cattaraugus County

Some Past Activities Guides

Cattaraugus County Activities Guide

We produce the Official Cattaraugus County Activities Guide.

Ads in the Activities Guide

The Activities Guide is NOT filled with ads. We match most ads in the section of the Activities Guide in which they'll be most effective for you and helpful to the visitor.

View the 2016 Activities Guide on

Brochures, Flyers and Rack Cards

Cover of the 2015 Allegany State Park brochure

2015 Allegany State Park Brochure

Cover of the 2015 Activities Guide to Cattaraugus County, the Enchanted Mountains of Western NY


Collage of 2015 Festivals & Events Rack Cards (front & back)

Collage of 2015 Festivals & Events rack cards in the Enchanted Mountains

Here is a short list of some of the informational materials we produce:

  • Farm Trail brochure & map
  • Allegany State Park brochure & map
  • Amish Trail brochure & map
  • Antiques and History brochure & map
  • Horse Trails / Equestrian brochure & maps
  • Events in Cattaraugus County rack card
  • Ride Guide brochure & maps
  • Snowmobile Trails brochure & map
  • Underground Railroad brochure & map
  • Geocache booklets

NYS Tourism Region

Cattaraugus County is part of the Chautauqua-Allegheny Region of New York State.

Contact Tourism

Phone #: 1-800-331-0543

In person

Stop by our office in the County Center, located on the Second Floor of 303 Court Street, Little Valley, NY 14755.


Use Tourism's contact form

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