2011 Snowmobile Trails Brochure Is Here

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The Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County and the Cattaraugus County Federation of Snowmobiles roll out its white carpet to welcome all snowmobilers and winter sports enthusiasts to come experience the scenic beauty in our rolling hills and winding valleys.

Cattaraugus County Department of Economic Development, Planning & Tourism announces the release of the new 2011 Snowmobile Trails Map/Brochure.

This large 19” X 24” map details each trail throughout the Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County including the nearly 90 miles of trails in Allegany State Park. Each trail has been identified using a Global Positioning System (GPS), the data gathered this way was then input into the Geographical Information System (GIS) to develop the map that displays the primary and secondary trails that criss-cross the county. Check out some of the downloads for snowmobilers.

Additional information on the brochure includes, where you can park, eat or stay nearby a trail, where to find snowmobile rentals, sales, parts and services as well as gas stations.

Snowmobiles must be registered in New York State to be able to ride on these trails that are funded by the registration fees. Riders are encouraged to join their local snowmobile clubs prior to registration; if they are not a member of a club, there is a state charged fee to register a sled. To learn how to register your sled, please call your local Department of Motor Vehicles for more information.

There are nine snowmobile clubs encompassed under the umbrella of the Cattaraugus County Federation of Snowmobiles: Ashford Snowmobile Club, the Elibomwons Snowmobile Club, the Enchanted Mountains Border Riders Club, the Franklinville Snowmobile Club, the Portville Snowmobile Club, the Snow Bounders, the Southern Tier Snow Drifters, The Tri-County Drifthoppers, and the Western New York Snowmobile Club of Boston. Our clubs hold various events throughout the winter, from pancake breakfasts and chicken barbecues to charity rides, dice runs, and snowmobile drags, so come check ‘em out!

These clubs also provide a valuable service to the entire snowmobiling community because for over thirty-five years, they have groomed and maintained a variety of corridor and secondary trails, including private lands, state lands, seasonal use highways, and an abandoned railroad corridor owned by the Cattaraugus Local Development Corporation, which encompasses the Southern Tier Rails to Trails Project, dedicated as the “Pat McGee Trail.”

Cattaraugus County Department of Economic Development, Planning, and Tourism realizes the importance of a growing tourism niche market like snowmobiling. The statewide, interconnected trail system (currently over 10,000 miles) promotes “snowmobile touring” which is a growing activity among snowmobiling devotees. Snowmobilers are known for driving long distances to reach key destinations in Canada, the Adirondacks and New England, and the Western United States. Western New York offers an excellent, close, convenient and safe option. Snowmobiling has become a major economic engine for some of our communities, with daily expenditures reaching $100 per snowmobiler. As snowmobiling becomes a touring activity, enthusiasts will ride 100 to 200 miles per day, spending substantial amounts of money on fuel, food, and lodging. This translates in to money for local businesses, the County, and New York State.

Our trailside businesses cater to snowmobilers, offering great places to get hot meals and warm your hands and toes. We suggest you bring your camera to catch some great scenery as well because the Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County is truly a winter wonderland.

For more information or to request your FREE copy of the new 2011 Snowmobile Trails Map, please call 1-800-331-0543, or fill out a request and we'll mail you one.

Visit www.SnowmobileWNY.com or email us at info [at] EnchantedMountains [dot] com. For Snowmobile Trail conditions, please call 800-331-0543.

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