Southern Tornado - Before and After Imagery

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What you will see in the map above is GeoEye IKONOS-2 satellite imagery taken of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  These photos were obtained on April 28th, 2011 in order to raise awareness about the severity of the damage caused by the massive tornado outbreak.  In order to see before and after imagery Follow These Directions:

1.  Click "View Larger Map" above, it will redirect you to another website.

2. In the left hand corner above "Southern Tornado" click the button

3. You can then toggle the "Tuscaloosa Tornado Imagery" on and off.  When off, the "before" layer will be exposed.

Interesting note: With the "Tuscaloosa Tornado Imagery" turned on, zoom out two or three levels and you will see a light brown patch extending Southwest to Northeast, right through the center of the map.  This is the highest concentration of damage, indicating that was the path of the tornado

News from Real Property and GIS

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