Parcel Viewer 1.5 Released!

News from Real Property and GIS, Posted on Thu, 09/27/2012 - 12:59pm
Parcel Viewer 1.5

Parcel Viewer 1.5

Cattaraugus County Real Property & GIS is pleased to announce the release of the Parcel Viewer 1.5!

Over the past couple months we gathered much feedback on the new parcel viewer; we found that many users desired a much simpler experience. It became abundantly clear that the most common work flow on our viewer was: find a desired parcel, identify it, look at aerial photos, print/export a map or leave. Therefore, we developed a new version that allows for switching between a road map and aerial photography seamlessly:

You will notice that where just the "Layers" box was, there are now 3 buttons:
Road Map - displays the Cattaraugus County roads
Aerial Photos - displays new, high resolution aerial photos
Advanced - contains all the other layers, same as the old version.

It is important to note that while the overall user experience of the viewer has gotten simpler, the advanced functionality that makes it state-of-the-art is still intact. All the same tools are there, as well as all the same data layers (now under the "Advanced" menu).