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Community Services Board

Community Services Board

  1. Robert C. Wood, LMSW - Chairperson
  2. Sondra Fox, RN, MSN - Vice Chairperson
  3. Alan Barlow, MS, MSHR, SPHR
  4. Christina Veno
  5. Daniel P. Piccioli
  6. Gail F. Hammond
  7. Jon Baker
  8. Kevin D. Watkins, MD, MPH
  9. Leonard Liguori
  10. Linda M. Edstrom
  11. Mari L. Howard
  12. Matthew Bull, MBA
  13. Richard C. Trietley, Jr.

(Two vacancies as of June 2014)

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Subcommittee

  1. Laura Elliott-Engel, MA, CASA-G, LMHC
  2. Alan Barlow, MS, MSHR, SPHR
  3. Christa Heckathorn
  4. Daniel P. Piccioli
  5. Derah Black-Day
  6. Kevin D. Watkins, MD, MPH
  7. Richard C. Trietley, Jr.
  8. Vincent Francis

(One vacancy as of June 2014)

Mental Health Subcommittee

  1. Leonard Liguori - Co-Chairperson
  2. Matthew Bull, MBA - Co-Chairperson
  3. Dodi McIntyre
  4. Jon Baker
  5. Joseph M. Woodward, B.Sc., CASAC
  6. Shelly Woods
  7. Sondra Fox, RN, MSN
  8. Stephen S. Morgan, III, CTRS, LMHC
  9. Theresa Wells

(No vacancy as of January 2014)

Developmental Disabilities Subcommitee

  1. Christina Veno - Chairperson on Leave
  2. Dan Gayton - Chairperson Pro Tem
  3. Dodi McIntyre
  4. Gail F. Hammond
  5. Jeffery H. Capitani
  6. Leonard Liguori
  7. Linda M. Edstrom
  8. Mari L. Howard

(One vacancy as of August 2014)

Meeting schedules for Community Services Board and all three subcommittees are attached.

Contact Becky Dash, Community Services Administrative Coordinator, at 716-701-3304, for more information.

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