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Contact information for the Cattaraugus County Sheriff's Office.

Street / Mailing Address

301 Court Street
Little Valley, New York 14755-1090

Contact Point / PersonTelephone / Extension
All Emergencies in Cattaraugus County911
Main Administrative Number(716) 938-9191
Cattaraugus County Jail(716) 938-9194
Sheriff Timothy Whitcombext. 2216
Secretary to the Sheriffext. 2216
Detective Divisionext. 2225
Jail Divisionext. 2200
Patrol Divisionext. 2264
Communications Divisionext. 2249
Training Coordinator/Accreditation Manager ext. 2572
Evidence Officerext. 2276
Fiscal Operations / Grantsext. 2366
Pistol Permit Clerkext. 2229
Civil Processext. 2215/2248
Warrantsext. 2203
Records Clerkext. 2399
Fax Numbers 
Communications (24 hour availability)(716) 938-6420
Jail (24 hour availability)(716) 938-9184
Administration  (Business Hours Only)(716) 938-6552
Detectives (Business Hours Only)(716) 938-9914


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