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Make sure your vote counts!

These notices explain how to make sure your vote counts and how to avoid over votes (filling in too many ovals) and double votes (voting more than once for the same candidate). Read the Notice concerning overvotes and double votes.

About the Board of Elections

The Board of Elections is responsible for the maintenance of over 54,000 voter registration files. The records are maintained on a computerized central file. In addition to applying by mail, qualified individuals can register to vote at the Board of Elections office in Little Valley, and at local polling places on local registration days. The Board processes approximately 4,000 new registration applications annually.

You should apply to register if you are not currently registered or have moved to a new address.

The Board of Elections is directed by the New York State Election Law in the conduct of elections. The ballot is prepared and distributed by this Board. Persons who are unable to appear personally at the polls due to absence from the County, illness or permanent disability may apply for an absentee ballot. Every effort has been made to have polling places throughout Cattaraugus County handicap accessible. All ballots, paper and machine votes are re-canvassed by the Commissioners. The results are certified and the duly elected officials are notified.

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