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Cattaraugus County is a municipal corporation with a population of approximately 77,042. The County was formed for the purpose of exercising the powers and discharging such duties of local government and the administration of public affairs as may be imposed or conferred upon it by law.

Cattaraugus County Legislature

The County Legislature is the governing body of the County. It consists of 15 members elected from 5 legislative districts for four-year terms.

It is the specific duty of the County Legislature to conduct the peoples' business as a vital unit of local government, assuming responsibility for planning, financing and operating municipal services County-wide. In addition, the Legislature must provide adequate employees to carry out those duties. Cattaraugus County utilizes a County Administrator, appointed by the Legislature, in order to coordinate the daily operations of County Government.

The County Legislature works under a committee system, which comprises all the areas of responsibility. These committees include: Finance, Public Works, Strategic Planning, County Operations, Public Safety, Human Services, Development & Agriculture and Labor Relations.

Goal of the Cattaraugus County Government

Mission/Goal Statement was updated on 2021-08-31 per ACT NO. 329-2021 of the 2021-08-25 Legislative Meeting.

The goal of the Cattaraugus County Government is to support and respect the Constitution of the United States of America and its amendments, and to provide essential services financed most economically to its citizens. Also, it is to establish an environment in which the citizens of Cattaraugus County can pursue life, liberty, and happiness unencumbered by excessive and oppressive governmental mandates and intrusions into their day-to-day lives.

The goal of the government of this County is to uphold the freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights. The County Legislature recognizes that governments in the United States of America - at all levels - are to be restrained and limited and that the power of government resides in the people.

The Legislators of this County, accept with humility and gratitude the reality that they serve at the consent of the governed and at the will of the people. The Legislators believe in the rule of law, equality before the law, due process, private property protections, and the rights of citizens to pursue their livelihoods without excessive governmental oversight. Wherever possible, the Legislature will encourage local solutions, local funding, and creative approaches to the problems our community encounters. The Legislature stands as a protector between the citizens of this County and the tendency of governments at state and federal levels to advance into territory not their own and consume, rather than secure, the liberties endowed to the people by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The County’s guide and standard will be the Constitution of the United States and the Founding Documents upon which our Nation, our State, and the local communities of Cattaraugus County are built.