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5 members in the Development & Agriculture Committee.

This committee shall have charge of all matters relating to the following department:

  • Department of Economic Development, Planning and Tourism.

In addition, the committee shall have the following responsibilities:

  • General jurisdiction over matters relating to tourism and economic development in the County.
  • Liaison with the County Planning Board.
  • General jurisdiction over agricultural matters.
  • General jurisdiction over forestry matters.

Liaison with the following:

  • Agricultural Society
  • Business Development Corporations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Empire Zone Corporation
  • Federated Sportsmen
  • Industrial Development Agency
  • Local Development Corporations
  • Salamanca Rail Museum
  • Southern Tier West Regional Planning & Development Board.

Committee Members:

  • Marsh - Chair
  • Higgins - Vice Chair
  • Benson
  • Hunt
  • Smith