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The Real Property Service Department was created by the Assessment Improvement Act of 1971, mandated by the State of New York. The Cattaraugus County Office of Real Property was started in June of 1972 and is currently staffed by seven people including the director. Real Property Tax Service produces tax bills for towns, villages, cities, and school districts. There are 32 towns, 9 villages, 2 cities and 17 school districts in Cattaraugus County, with approximately 51,430 total parcels.

General Responsibilities

  • Coordinate activities of assessors in the county with respect to the computer generation of assessment rolls, tax rolls, and bills.
  • Coordinate training of assessors and set up training programs mandated by the state and training programs provided at the county level.
  • Maintain digital tax maps.  Locations and tax map numbers are assigned.  Parcels are plotted to scale to aid assessors in locating and evaluating properties in their towns.
  • Compute and extend town, county and special district, school and village tax rates for the tax rolls.
  • All deeds are read, recorded into records, and new parcels are plotted on the tax maps.
  • Maintain a Countywide Assessment Roll.  See that all BAR, SCAR, Judicial Judgements, State Land Transition Assessments are on.
  • Maintain a GIS for use through all County Departments as well as other municipalities.