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Cattaraugus County has a new Civil Service Employment Portal in which you may view, apply for jobs/examinations online and signup for email notifications.

View Employment Opportunities, Eligible Lists, Job Specifications and more!

Visit: Civil Service Employment Portal

Job/Exam Application

Be sure to download and print an examination and job application form.


If you are currently unemployed or receive public assistance please download the Application Fee Waiver Request and Certification Form.

Veterans' Credits

If you are a disabled or non-disabled veteran and wish to claim disabled veteran or non-disabled veteran credits you must supplement your job/exam application. Please review these Instructions to Veterans and be sure to submit an Application for Veteran's Credit. If claiming Disabled Veterans' credit, be sure to complete (in duplicate) the Authorization for Disability Record and send it to your local Veteran's Administration.

Scheduled for more than one Exam?

If you are scheduled to take two exams at the same time in two different locations then please fill out and submit the Cross Filer Notification form to us.

Please Note

Cattaraugus County is an Equal Opportunity Employer. You can apply by mail, in person or Online for Current Vacancies in Cattaraugus County, Upcoming Exams or Continuous Recruitment Exams.

CANDIDATES PLEASE NOTE: Applications must be completely filled out with all pertinent information stated. Cattaraugus County Civil Service will not refer to other applications on file for additional information. Applications which do not show training and/or experience to meet the minimum qualifications will be disapproved. Vagueness and ambiguity will not be resolved in your favor.