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scales of justice in a courtroom

Staff of the District Attorney's Office:

LORI PETTIT RIEMAN, District Attorney

AMBER L. KERLING, First Assistant District Attorney, (716) 938-2282

BETTY L. WILLIAMS, Secretary to District Attorney, Voice: (716) 938-2220

MARCY L. ULASEWICZ, Confidential Law Secretary, Voice: (716) 938-2221

DANIEL E. WAASDORP, Criminal Investigator, Voice: (716) 938-2364

KIMBERLY CHASE, Victim Advocate, Voice: (716) 938-2304

Assistant District Attorneys

KELLY BALCOM, Assistant District Attorney
Voice: (716) 358-5396
Serves: Allegany (Town), Ashford, Carrollton, Ellicottville (Town), Hinsdale, Ischua, Machias, Olean (Town), Portville (Village), Randolph

ERICH WEYAND, Assistant District Attorney
Voice: (716) 532-3361
Serves: Conewango, Dayton, Otto, East Otto, Leon, Mansfield, Napoli, New Albion, Perrysburg, Persia, South Dayton

PRESTON MARSHALL, Assistant District Attorney
Voice: (716) 548-4013
Serves: Coldspring, Great Valley, Little Valley, Red House, Salamanca (City Court & Town Court), South Valley

ELIZABETH ENSELL, Assistant District Attorney
Voice: (716) 498-0876
Serves: Olean City Court, Some County-Level Felony Cases

JOSH FRANK, Assistant District Attorney, Voice: (716) 498-0876
Serves: Allegany (Village), Ellicottville (Town and Village), Farmersville, Franklinville, Freedom, Humphrey, Lyndon, Olean City Drug Treatment Court, Portville (Town), Yorkshire