GIS Links


  • ESRI [ ]

    the company that makes 90% of the GIS software used in the market. Cattaraugus County uses all ESRI software to power our GIS online and offline capabilities.

  • SDG [ ]

    the company that created the Imate Online program that so many places use to show parcel information.

GIS data portals:

  • NYSGIS [

    a one-stop shop for everything GIS in NY State. Ask your GIS questions, search their extensive knowledge base, use the interactive aerial map viewer to obtain pictures, or if you're apart of the NYS GIS Cooperative, you can download loads of GIS data.

  • CUGIR [ ]

    a GIS clearinghouse specializing in agriculture, ecology, natural resources, and human-environment interaction layers in New York State.

  • FGDC [ ]

    a place for GIS at the federal level. The FGDC is developing the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. They encompass policies, standards, and procedures for organizations to cooperatively produce and share geographic data.

  • Geodata [ ]

    they house federal, state, and local geographic data.

  • Geography Network = ]

    another one-stop shop for all geographic data. An interactive map lets you zoom into your area on interest and download specific data layers.

GIS portals for NYS areas:

Specific Maps:

Local GIS groups:

Places that create GIS data:

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