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NOTE: Sales that occur at any time during one month will not be available until the middle of the following month.  (For example, a sale that occurs August 1st and a sale that occurs August 31st will not be available on the site until the middle of September.)

The following spreadsheets have multiple columns.  The column headings are as follows:

  • Muni - For municipality.  All municipalities are represented by their first 3 letters and their Swis Code. The third and fourth number of the Swis are represented by this list.
  • Sale Date - The date in which the sale took place.
  • Rec Date - Recorded Date.  The date in which the sale was recorded in the County Clerk's Office.
  • Grantor (Seller) - The seller of the property.
  • Grantee (Buyer) - The buyer of the property.
  • Property Loc - The location of the property.
  • Map # - The tax map number of the property.
  • Book/Page - The deed book (also known as liber) and page that the sale was recorded on.
  • PU/PC - Property Use and Property Class.  "Use" is the generic category. "Class" is the specific category.
  • Front/Depth - A measurement, in feet, of the property road frontage and depth.
  • Tot AV - Total Assessed Value.  The assessed value of the property (NOT full market value unless that municipality is at 100% equalization rate).
  • Acres - This will have a value greater than zero if the property is equal to or greater than one acre.
  • Sale Price - The total sale price of the property.
  • Pers Prop - The value of the personal property sold with the property.  Please be aware that most people will not include personal property amounts because they have to pay tax on it if they do.  This makes it very hard to track personal property within a sale.
  • # Par - The number of parcels involved in the sale.
  • Split - Shows whether the sale involved a split property or not.

Month 2024 2023 2022
January 1/24 1/23 1/22
February 2/24 2/23 2/22
March 3/24 3/23 3/22
April 4/24 4/23 4/22
May   5/23 5/22
June   6/23 6/22
July   7/23 7/22
August   8/23 8/22
September   9/23 9/22
October   10/23 10/22
November   11/23 11/22
December   12/23 12/22