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Need help figuring out how to open a file you got from this site? Please refer to the following list for aid with a file.

PDF icon PDF or Portable Document Format PDF

PDF files can be opened with a PDF reader. There are many PDF readers out there. Some recommended FREE versions are:

PPT Icon PPT, PPS or Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint Presentations are slideshows. Some programs to open a Powerpoint Presentation file are:

Zip Icon ZIP files have the extension .zip or .exe (self-extracting zip files) Zip

To unzip (unpack, uncompress) a zip file you must have an unzip program like Get more information about the Zip file format at the Free Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

XLS (Excel document)

Some programs that open an Excel file:

ODS (Open Document Spreadsheet)

ODT (Open Document Text)

ODP (Open Document Presentation)